Opening Show
Aunt Maria fur coat and her children

Aunt Maria
fur coat
and her children

We welcome you to the Spektakel that will mark the beginning of the future!

For the newly arrived inhabitants of Kirkenes (or The World’s Northernmost Chinatown), their long and demanding journey is almost complete. The audience will meet Aunt-Maria-fur-coat who, together with her children, have travelled along the polar silk road — from the mystical far-east to our Barents shores, a one-way mission to settle in The worlds Northernmost Chinatown. As hybrids of ancient times and the present reality, they merge old folklore with rhythms of the present and unfamiliar tunes from the possible future. They are the fashionistas of our time, the superhumans of the Arctic.

In the city about to be inaugurated as the World’s Northernmost Chinatown, they will celebrate with us. During an extravagant catwalk show accompanied by wild drums, puppets, light and a lavish host — namely aunt Maria herself — these new citizens will strut their stuff. Watch this space!

costume and characters
Olga Denisova
costume assistant
Tatiana Ludanik
light scenography
light design
Evgeny Goman
casting director
Marita Isobel Solberg
aunt Maria fur coat
Gunnar Augland
Slava Burteev, Nikhail Burteev,
Ksenia Meri, Evgeny Goman,
Gluklya, Olga Denisova
+ more

aunt Maria fur coat’s children
Li Chunrong
director of Harbin Arts
Theatre for Children

Yu Wei, Li Mi, Yuan Weiwei
Zhang Xuejia, Zhao Wei

performers of Harbin Arts
Theatre for Children

Pikene på Broen
concept and production

Wed 13. Feb
Town Square