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Saturday 16th February – Barents Spektakel 2019

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  • TANG
    the festival meeting spot

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  • Beijing Stories – Jon Tombre

    «BEIJING STORIES» - is a visual, physical soundtrack by sound artist Eirik Blekesaune and director Jon Tombre. Based on texts written by Jon during a working visit to Beijing in 2017. The performance is part of Jon's project "Kødd & Melankoli". In "Beijing stories", Jon experiences what it is like to be a stranger, how…
  • Make a Chinese Turtle!

    Come and make your own Chinese turtle in Makramé! The turtle is one of the Chinese mythical creatures and symbolizes eternal life. No wonder, turtles can be over 250 years old! Join us at Terminal B on Saturday and make your own turtle! We use the Makramé knotting technique, an ancient knot technique that was…
  • Alessandro Rolandi
    Social Sensibility R&D Department

    Social Sensibility R&D Department is an artist collective based in Beijing and Paris. It addresses fundamental questions about the nature of art-making and place of the artist in the contemporary socio-political context. For “The Worlds Northernmost Chinatown”, Ronaldi presents three video works that represents the collective’s work and practice. In one video-piece, worker and performance…
  • Barents Press Debate – Human rights for sale

    China – where press freedom does not exist, where political opposition is effectively banned and where human rights defenders are thrown into prison – is about to buy into the Arctic. What responsibilities does the media have as China enters the Arctic region? Barents Press Norway invites debate about the role of the press covering…
  • Transborder Cafe:
    Freetown, The United Divergence Orchestra

    There are many reasons why some people migrate. Some move for work opportunities while some move to study, some migrate for love and family while some just for adventure in a new land. For others, migration is not about choice. War and conflict, political and religious persecution and climate change and hunger force people to…
  • The Stitch Project

    The Stitch Project – TSP was founded in 2012 by a group of seven international artists. Our first gathering was at the Samí festival Riddu Riđđu in Kåfjorden, in Troms, Northern Norway in July 2012. Our art project has three main activities which we invite everyone to join in on. Our main tasks are the…
  • Science Fiction for Kids with Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay

    Spaceships! Aliens! Robots!

    Sci-Fi for kids only, a spectacle of spectacles for a rolicking time! Make kids wonder, dream, and have a rip-roaring good time!

  • Máret Ánne Sara in collaberation with Elin Már Øyen Vister
    Pile o´Sápmi: ealáskan

    How do we relate to land and how do we read it´s history and presence? Kirkenes/Girkonjárga is part of core Sápmi and is situated on Eastern Sámi, Sea Sami as well as Northern Sámi shared land, colonised by the Norwegian state for centuries. Today the young town is flirting with a new massive invasion of…
  • Samovar Theatre “Morning Movement Lab”

    Samovar Theatre “Morning Movement Lab”