Double Concert Kakkmaddafakka (Bergen) SBP4 (St Petersburg)

Kakkmaddafakka (Bergen)

The Bergen-based six-piece is one of Norway’s very best live bands with trademark firework energy and spectacular live shows. There is nothing understated about their musical style — unconventional, fun and infinitely danceable, their music is influenced by a range of genres from rock to hip-hop and reggae to R&B.

A hidden gem to tabloid music journalists, the band has filled concert venues around the world over the last ten years. The group is continually pushing forward, and their latest album “Hus”, plus their recently released single “Naked Blue” is proof of this.

SBP4 (St Petersburg)

Russian Wild Energy

SBP4, which unabbreviated translates to ‘The Biggest Prime Number’ in Russian, hail from St. Petersburg and have, over the years, become an indie darling of the Russian-speaking world.

Performing electronic music with groove, energy and force — but also glitches and irregularities — SPB4 avoids simple rhythms or repeating sounds, creating a conceptual odyssey that dips into many genres along the way. A colourful collage of African rhythms, hip-hop breaks, funk guitar, disco bass, female back vocals, psychedelic bridges and even dogs barking — altogether a festival of disobedience.

With band’s eighth studio album “Мы не спали, мы снились” ( “We did not sleep, we dreamed” ) they will perform for the first time in Norway. Recently, SBP4 appeared on Russia’s premier late-night show Vecherniy Urgant with one of their lead singles “Провал” (“Failure”). Now, the band is heading to Kirkenes to show you what they got!

Sat 16.
Ofelas Arena
kr 375,-