Hasan Daraghmeh
TimeScapes No.1

TimeScapes No.1is a large-scale installation consisting of two videos and a large-scale print.

“For any profound change to be achieved, a new way of seeing is essential”

The camera’s non-human point of view can introduce and enhance new ways of seeing. In the digital era that we live-in, everything consists of pixels. As the smallest component unit for the digital image, Pixels, like individuals, exist as the smallest units of the overall collective of pixels in a frame. They form the underlying structure of the digital image, where this digital image consists of horizontal and vertical lines of these pixels.

Through this complexity, Daraghmeh looks at the possible future based on the combination of the time as a landscape and the movement in the public space of Kirkenes.

Thu 14. Feb
Fri 15. Feb
Sat 16. Feb
Sun 17. Feb
10:00 - 18:00
Town Square