Ilia Dolgov

September was used to collect plant seeds in Sør-Varanger. In October the shipment came from Aliexpress, China. And so, the process of creating a garden from the north, 1000km from its north, began.

Ilia Dolgov presents aliexpress-north-garden. A video work that documents the process of developing a northern garden in the artist`s studio in St Petersburg. We see our local plants grow and thrive in their new environment, an environment collaboratively created by the artist, plants and things bought from Ali Express, the world biggest internet shop, selling cheap Chinese products. In Dolgov’s garden, the artist brings forth the very essence of a global system, a world of universal, mobile and undetectable flows, that is and has always been and where the idea of an origin has no relevance.  As the Dolgov states “the garden will not be neither authentic nor fake, global nor aboriginal, natural nor artificial — but still will live.  Not native or intimate for anybody, it may become the new habitat for somebody/something.

Thu 14. Feb
Fri 15. Feb
Sat 16. Feb
Sun 17. Feb
10:00 - 18:00
Sørnes building