Lin Wang
Exotic Dreams and Poetic Misunderstandings Project – Performance Dinner (3)

Maximum 20 guests, reserve a place by email to ingrid[at]

Lin Wangs interdisciplinary artistic practice explores how art can use innovative angles and platforms to penetrate contemporary personal and social spheres in a simple manner.

For the Barents Spektakel, Lin Wang presents Exotic Dreams and Poetic Misunderstandings Project – Performance Dinner (3). The performance aims to create a platform for communication where new and old social issues can be brought up in a courteous yet effective manner. The project consists of porcelain artworks inspired by the Eurasian Maritime Silk Road, food and a thematic concert.

The curiosity and imagination of “the other side of the world” are universal to human beings in ancient and modern times. Maritime activities shaped the histories of the East and the West. Ocean was the first mediator that bridged cultures and connected people.

The guests come together for a friendly meal during which the dinner table becomes a platform for the exchange of thoughts. When the food is eaten, the symbolism and expressions of the artworks on the gigantic dinnerware is discovered.

Thu 14. Feb
Sør-Varanger Library
kr 120,-