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Russia + China: True love or a marriage of convenience?

Barents Secretariat, in cooperation with UTSYN – Foreign Policy and Security Forum, address the new geopolitical structures in the High North, and their direct and indirect influence on Norway and our border region with Russia.

China’s interest in the Arctic and the Northern Sea Route – or the “Polar Silk Road” – is not only huge, but also targeted. China invests both economically and militarily in the Arctic. Colder fronts between Russia and the West, and trade conflict between China and the US, leads Russia and China closer to each other.

How will this tandem affect Norway? Which consequences will this have for Norwegian security and business development? How will the new superpower couple influence our border region in the north?

Experts on China, Russia, Arctic, economy, military and security participate in the panel discussion.

Thu 14. Feb
kr 150,-