Samovar Theater presents
«Memory Laboratory»

“To know how to enter the future, it’s important to know where we stand and where we come from.”

Each one of us carries on our own genuine story.

What memories do we carry with us? How do we influence and shape our memories and make us who we are? How can we use the memories as a resource when we meet the future? ”

The Samovar Theater is in the process of creating a new performance related to memories, upbringing, love and future, with planned premiere during Kirkenes Days 2019. Since autumn 2018, we have carried out several “memory laboratories”, where the elderly and young people meet and share memories, stories and knowledge across generations and life experiences.

Saturday, February 16, we would like to welcome you to our next “memory laboratory” in the theater café at Samovarteateret.

We hope you will come and share some stories and memories with us, or just listen and enjoy the cafe. Feel free to include a picture, an object or anything else you have special memories associated with.

You will also experience an artistic preview from our memory laboratories so far.

Sat 16. Feb
Sør-Varanger Kultursal