Scenic arts across borders – China, Russia and Norway

The performance of Made in Macau 2.0 is followed by a conversation between the performers from Rolling Puppet Alternative Theatre, Evgeny Goman (Theater director from Murmansk) and Inger Buresund (Theater manager with extensive experience with cultural development with China).

The conversation, moderated by Bente Andersen (director of Samovar theatre and performance maker), looks at the trends in the contemporary performing arts field in China, Russia and Norway. The discussion will ask questions about expression, form, politics and ethics in three countries and touch upon similarities and differences within performing arts found in each land. The discussion will also adress how working across borders and learning from other cultures might influence the perception of one’s own society, work and practice.

Fri 15. Feb
18:00 - 18:50
Sør-Varanger kultursal