Social Spaces and Urban Development

Song Yi, Alessandro Ronaldi and Lijie Wang
Moderator: Helle Siljeholm

This public discussion uses research undertaken by Beijing based writer and editor Lijie Wang, specifically her contribution to the publication ‘Bajia House 2. Social Spaces’, as a starting point for exploration into the disappearance of grassroots and artist-led social spaces in Beijing. As part of the discussion, Bejing based social artists Song Yi, and Alessandro Ronaldi speak about their artistic practice and contributions to the book. The artworks and texts presented by the panel will be used as a reference to discuss the development of urban areas and the processes of gentrification, both positively and negatively.

«In an urban environment that increasingly demands precision and optimization, how do we reconcile the ambiguous nature of constantly transforming, nebulous, and messy relationships that comprise the social? How do we build meaningful relationships that sit at the foundation of «healthy» and «sustainable» communities, and how do we equip them to evolve in the wake of external forces?

Forward from ‘Bajia House 2. Social Spaces’. Co-edited by: Zandie Brockett and Lijie Wang.

Produced in collaboration with Fotogalleriet, Oslo
Thank you to Fotogalleriet ´s artistic director: Antonio Cataldo.

Fri 15. Feb