The Stitch Project – Women in War

Together with The Stitch Project during Barents Spectacle 2019, the Dagny Loe-carpet from the Borderland Museum and Jørgund Sivertsen carpet from the Partisan Museum at Kiberg, are presented in Terminal B. Here, the carpets are exhibited in a new context, where the importance of the craft is the focus.

On the occasion of the exhibition of the carpets at Terminal B, Synnøve Fotland Eikevik, a conservator at Varanger Museum, department Vardø, will hold a presentation and a talk. Fotland Eikevik is involved in UiT’s book project about the War in the North, where she writes about the women who were partisans and the civil women’s involvement in the partisan activities during World War II. Fotland Eikevik uses the two carpets as a relevance to how women handle captivity and how this often has resulted in, for example, these carpets and other handicrafts. This, with much more, Synnøve Eikevik Fotland will talk about i Terminal B,in dialogue with the artists behind The Stitch Project, Hilde Hauan Johnsen, Maria Skeie og Kiyoshi Yamamoto.

The Dagny Loe-carpet from the Borderland Museum and Bjørgund Sivertsen-carpet from the Partisan Museum in Kiberg, is exhibited together with The Stitch Project at Terminal B during the entire Barents Spectacle 2019. This is a collaboration with Varangermuseum, dept. Sør-Varanger and dept. Vardø.

The Stitch Project – TSP was founded in 2012 by a group of seven international artists. The first collection was at the Sami Festival Riddu Riđđu in Kåfjorden, in Troms, July 2012. The Stitch project has visited more than 35 different art and theater festivals and exhibitions, including in Palestine, Iceland, Sweden, Latvia, Ukraine and Norway since the start in 2012.

Art project has three main activities where everyone is invited to join. Embroidery on a 10 meter long canvas, spinning wool from the Neiden wild sheep and planting Chinese silk with local plants. The goal of the project is the dialogue that arises around the table, where the exchange of knowledge about the craft takes place, and life experiences are shared.

Thu 14. Feb
Terminal B